One Man's Road from Alabama to Dallas, 1954-1963

Touched By Fire


 2nd Edition

Touched by Fire

Second Edition: Published 2/27/2014
ISBN: 9781105921797 (hardback)

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"most interesting read."
Former President, George H.W. Bush

"Never have I read such a fascinating personal account of this tumultuous era in which you as author not only observed major historical events but became an unexpected participate in them - You have truly been "touched by fire."
Howard Jones, University of Alabama, Research Professor
& Author of The Bay of Pigs

"I thoroughly enjoyed the book."
George Jones, Country Music Legend

"How the crack of a pistol in Alabama in '54 and the report of a rifle in Dallas in '63 changed the lives of a father, a son, and a nation. A true American tragedy."
Ace Atkins, Author of Wicked City

"...the riviting story of a young man seeking to come to grips with his own life and that of a father he never knew. The plot is a page-turner...good drama and good reading."
Warren Trest, Author of Wings of Denial and
Nobody But The People

"Very interesting reading"
Robert L. Oswald, brother of Lee Harvey Oswald

"Loved your book "Touched by Fire". Your writing is intriguing and your family played a large part in the historical drama in Phenix City. Thank you for sending the book. It is one of my most prized selections now..."
George C. Wallace, Jr.

"The remarkable story of a man who found himself repeatedly rising from the ashes of flames that threatened to burn him alive."
Harry Franklin, Columbus Ledger-Enquirer

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2nd Edition

Touched by Fire

Second Edition: Published 2/27/2014
ISBN: 9781257822898 (paperback)